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"In my memory, I will erase your voice
In my memory, I will even erase your name
I think I have been in pain enough
Every time, I call out to you and break down"

FT Island - Memory

"It’s okay even if i can’t touch you
It’s okay even if i can’t hug you
Lonely love yes i love you like my destiny
I can feel you"

Touch Love (Ost Master’s Sun)

"You drive me crazy
You make me cry
You’re close as if I can catch you
But when I do, you get far away like the wind"

Hyorin (SISTAR) – Driving Me Crazy (미치게 만들어) Master’s Sun OST

"Kim Bo Kyung 김보경 - Don’t Think You’re Alone 혼자라고 생각말기 (School 2013 학교 2013 OST)"
-Don’t get tired, don’t give up
No matter what hardships you have, always overcome
When it’s too hard, when it’s too tiring
I will lend you my back from behind
You can set down your burdens at anytime